Friday, November 30, 2007


Dinner is ready in 30 minutes. This is one of Phil's favorites.

chicken legs and thighs*
Seasoned salt such as Lawry's

Rinse chicken pieces with water. Place chicken in the oven on a broiler pan** (with a little water in the bottom of the pan--this helps keep the fat and juices that collect in the pan from burning) six inches from heating element. Sprinkle very generously with seasoned salt--a lot of the salt will come off in the broiling process. Broil ten minutes. Turn off oven for ten minutes but do not open the oven door. Turn chicken over, season with seasoned salt; broil ten minutes. Remove from the oven very carefully as it is easy to spill the greasy water. Serve.

Note: you may want to check the chicken after 7 or 8 minutes to see if it is burning. If it is just turn the oven off and close the door for 10 minutes. Proceed as above.

*You could use chicken breasts but be sure and leave the skin on as they tend to dry out. Most of the fat is broiled out of the skin. Honest it is, you end up with crusty, savory, salty (not too much as most of it broils away with the fat) chicken, almost no fat.

**Note: I use a cookie sheet instead of a broiler pan because I think it's easier to clean. I put two cake/cookie cooling racks on the cookie sheet (put some water in the bottom) and put the chicken on top.

Note again: Before we started putting water in the bottom of the pan the unseen smoke from the broiling chicken would set the smoke alarm off in the upstairs hall. Someone would run up with a book and fan the air by the smoke alarm until it quit screeching. Water in the bottom of the pan eliminated that routine. I think the kids kind of missed the drama.

Clean-up: Pour the greasy water into an empty jar that you are throwing away or mix a LOT of dish detergent into the greasy water, mix well and put down the garbage disposal. Follow with lots more hot soapy water.