Saturday, March 22, 2008

CHOCOLATE CHIP--TOFFEE BITS--OATMEAL COOKIES—Paula, Joe Allman’s (my old watercolor teacher) Aunt

This cookie is fabulous. I promise. My watercolor teacher, Joe Allman's aunt made it up. I once took some to a fabulously talented older man--our neighborhood/ward is ripe with fabulously talented people--no where else on earth like it--anyway, he said, "You know Lynne, since I've become a widow, I've had a lot of cookies brought to me but I can honestly say these are the best." Of course, I think he was hoping for more cookies and he will get some this weekend.


1 cup butter—--------------2 cups (1 pound)
1 cup sugar—---------------2 cups
1 cup brown sugar—-------2 cups
2 eggs—---------------------4 eggs
½ tsp. Rum extract--------1 tsp.

Mix well, add:

2 cups flour—---------------4 cups
1 tsp. soda—-----------------2 tsp
½ tsp. baking powder ----1 tsp

½ tsp. salt—-----------------1 tsp.
2¼ cups oatmeal—---------4½ c.

Mix well, add:
½ pkg. (12 oz.) chocolate chips—---- 1 pkg.
½ pkg. (10 oz.) Skor toffee chips—---1 pkg.

Bake 350° for 14 minutes.

Note: I use the regular, long cooking oats. When I was at Soap Queen's house the other day we couldn't find her oats so we used a mix of about five different kinds of oats plus some flax seeds and the cookies were just as fabulous. We live in at high altitude so I don't know how that will effect your baking time.

Note II: When Joe told us he was going to move to Cashe Valley and could no longer be our watercolor teacher I cried. I was the only one in our class who did so and I was embarrassed. I thought if I stayed with him another two years I could be good enough to sell. I have hardly painted since he left. I guess I blog instead. I want to get back to it and maybe--if my life ever calms down enough so that I'm not on a high run--I will.

Try these cookies. You won't be sorry.