Monday, April 20, 2009

Do NOT make this!

Do NOT put equal parts of honey and mustard over chicken and put in the crockpot and then have your husband's assistant ward clerk over to dinner--because the ward clerk got his patriarchal blessing from the patriarch who lives just down the street (Phil was driving him from BYU to the patriarch's house and back to BYU when he was finished because the assistant ward clerk doesn't have a car) and you just could NOT not have him to dinner, even though you got out of church an hour after they were home so the minute you came in the door you ran...okay, this hypothetical person didn't the kitchen and started cooking rice and making salad and other things and then this person tasted the chicken and about died because it was not good but what could she do, having the clerk to dinner and all, so she served it--with apologies--and it was not her favorite but it IS on the top of her not-favorite list. So, don't do that.

But the cute ward clerk ate at least two pieces and said his mom didn't cook Sunday dinner--they only ate cereal--so maybe he was semi-impressed. Not with the chicken but because we had a tablecloth and rice and salad--with my totally wonderful lemon/garlic salad dressing--and other tasty offerings. For dessert I served him my divine homemade yogurt over strawberries.

I'll post how to make the yogurt soon. It is strawberry season, you know, the perfect reason to make yogurt.

And about the chicken? You have been warned. Trust me.